Toni - 16 - London - Meow

ayi ovelay ouyay osay uchmay tiay urtshay.

Posted 1 month ago

I give up. I give up on you. I hate you. I’ve tried everything. I’m fooling myself. This is an exhausted shambles. You were right, I was wrong. I give up. You win. Ill be alone.

Posted 1 month ago

Still addicted to the pain of it.
I don’t know
What to feel
What to say
I don’t know if I care
This pain is better than the other type
The cycle. Your cycle. Exhausted
I don’t have anything to say

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It’s nice but it’s not black.

Posted 1 month ago

Six Word Story #48 by absentions (via rawplant)

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I am emotional. That’s not because I’m a woman. That’s not because I’m hormonal. It’s because I’m alive. I feel.

Posted 4 months ago

This morning, I have had pretty intimate morning sex, mcdonalds breakfast and saw two french bulldogs. Not too bad for a Monday morning.

Posted 5 months ago

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